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- Brand concept -

A square that connects people with the town.

Brand concept

For example, rather than by painstakingly checking travel guidebooks, you’re more likely to have unforgettable experiences by getting information from casual conversations with people you meet on your travels.

We would like to offer all our guests a journey that leads to a deeper connection with the town, in the same way the local residents immerse themselves in the town every day.

Our aim is to be a “town square” where tourists and locals can share the same space and time with each other.

Our hotel adopts a new style of accommodation that connects People, Food, Things, and Information.

the squre hotel

Hotel concept

A guidepost for travel in the captivating town of Kanazawa


We want to be a hotel that plays an important role in the city like that of public squares in each country where people, things, and information come and go and connect. Based on that desire, we named this place, “the square hotel Kanazawa.”

We emphasize connecting with daily life in Kanazawa by incorporating a Kanazawa-esque feel into the space, such as by using the traditional Kaga-gosai or “the five colors of Kaga” in every room, and by making the hotel itself a space that is open to the town.

Experience this town that is steeped in history and tradition in a more intimate and profound way. The hotel itself is a hub, and we create special travel experiences by connecting our guests with new attractions in Kanazawa and facilitating encounters with the locals.

Guest Rooms


Beautiful, modern Kanazawa-style bedrooms boldly decorated with the traditional five colors of Kaga design.

Kaga Yuzen silk dyeing is one of Kanazawa’s most famous traditional arts.

It is characterized by its five distinct colors called “Kaga Gosai,” which we used to spice up the design of each room.

We made use of a large amount of wood for the flooring and the area surrounding the bed in order to create a soothing, relaxing space that is still very modern.

Guest Rooms
  • 臙脂



  • 藍


  • 黄土



  • 草


  • 古代紫



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